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Michael Milton
Michael Milton
TADACT is proud to have Michael Milton Рchampion paralympic skier, paralympic cyclist, olympian, trekker and paratriathelete Рas our ambassador. With a total of 11 Paralympic and 11 World Championship medals under his belt and as the holder of the record as Australia’s fastest downhill skier since 2006 (beating the record held by an athlete without a disability) Michael has proven that challenges can not only be faced, but supremely conquered. In addition to his achievements as a professional athlete, Michael has walked the Kokoda Track twice and scaled Mount Kilimanjaro. Having lost his left leg to bone cancer at the age of 9 Michael advocates strongly for people with a disability and is fundamentally aware of the positive impact assistive equipment can make to their lives. For more information about Michael Milton please refer to his website:


27 Mulley Street, Holder, ACT 2611



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