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Who We Are

Our History

In October 1979 a group of people gathered at a Canberra health centre to hear about what was being done interstate to help people with a disability. Technical Aid to the Disabled ACT (TADACT) was established in response to this meeting and is proud to have served the community for nearly 40 years.

Our Aim

TADACT is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to improve quality of life for our clients and their carers in Canberra and the surrounding NSW region by increasing their physical independence and providing opportunities for them to participate in activities that may have previously proven too difficult or even impossible.

Our Products

TADACT achieves this aim by maintaining the capability to think, design, create and modify outside of the box. With a team of volunteers whose skills range from engineering to sewing and an occupational therapist on staff, TADACT is able to make a big difference in the lives of children and adults with a disability and older people by providing assistive equipment that problem-solves for the individual. Some examples of our recent work include:
  • a canopy designed and manufactured for a motorised scooter, which now enables its user, who has a disability, to travel to and from work independently, irrespective of weather conditions
  • the addition of a metal bar by a qualified engineer to a walking frame for a 2 year old by with cerebral palsy, for whom the walker would have been otherwise unsuitable
  • a modified splint to enable grasp of a kick-board for swimming, a forearm support to enable use of a bicycle handlebar and a one-handed fishing rod all to be used by a 6 year old girl missing most of her right hand below the wrist joint
  • rehabilitation platforms for Calvary Hospital that enable patients to practice on curb-height steps as they regain their mobility following an injury or illness
  • made-to-measure bathroom steps for both Hughes Primary School and the Southern Cross Early Childhood School in Scullin
TADACT provides customised assistive equipment for organisations such as hospitals, schools and therapy providers in addition to individual clients. Whilst TADACT is a registered NDIS provider, we aim to provide solutions for any and all members of the community in need of our equipment. TADACT will soon also be providing assistive equipment under My Aged Care.

Our Volunteers

TADACT is a volunteer-based organisation. Our volunteer cohort is made up of individuals with skills and expertise in a vast range of areas such as mechanical and electrical engineering, technical drawing, sewing, carpentry, metalworking and general handyman abilities. Thanks to our incredible volunteers TADACT has provided over 6000 individual pieces of equipment throughout the entire history of the organisation with a current average of 200 being designed, adapted and built every year. Learn more about volunteering for TADACT here.


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was rolled out in the ACT in July 2014 and in NSW in July 2016. The scheme aims to provide funding for equipment and services for people aged 65 and under with an impairment that is likely to be permanent and makes it difficult for them to participate in everyday activities. TADACT has become a registered NDIS provider to ensure the organisation is able to provide assistive equipment to participants in the scheme. However, whilst TADACT is a registered NDIS provider, we aim to provide solutions for any member of the community in need of assistive equipment. For more information on the NDIS visit their website at: For more information on accessing TADACT assistive equipment via the scheme, visit our NDIS page here.

My Aged Care

TADACT is a provider goods, equipment and assistive technology under the My Aged Care program. Further information will be available here shortly. The MyAgedCare website can be found here    


Technology for Ageing and Disability (ACT) Inc, 27 Mulley Street, Holder, ACT 2611


(02) 6287 4290



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