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Equipment Catalog

View or download the TADACT equipment catalogue here. When viewing the catalogue please keep in mind that TADACT can customise any of our current product designs, create customised solutions from beginning to end and modify existing or commercially bought equipment to solve a problem. So if a product design or idea you’re looking for is not noted in our catalogue, you can simply contact us to discuss your situation and we’ll see if our cohort of skilled volunteers can create or modify a piece of equipment to solve the problem.

Custom solutions and equipment

TADACT designs and creates assistive equipment and also modifies existing assistive equipment to suit the individual and their circumstances where commercial items are unavailable or found to be unsuitable. TADACT also provides custom assistive equipment solutions to organisations such as hospitals, schools and therapy providers. Continue reading below for more information on custom equipment and modifications or simply contact us to see how we can help.

Creating and designing customised assistive equipment

In situations where commercial equipment is unavailable or unsuitable for an individual, highly skilled volunteers can work in partnership with the TADACT Project Coordinator (who is also an occupational therapist and able to provide clinical assessments) to design and create a piece of custom-built equipment from beginning to end.

Modifying and replicating existing equipment

Individual solutions can begin with a commercial device that requires a modification to enhance its suitability for the user. TADACT also has the capability to replicate commercial equipment that has been discontinued or isn’t available in Australia. Equipment designed and created by TADACT is prototyped to ensure it conforms to both Australian and International Design Standards.

Freedom Wheels Cycles

A key example of customised assistive equipment for children is the TADACT Freedom Wheels Cycle. These bikes give a new kind of independence as well as exercise and therapy to children requiring early intervention due to low muscle tone or other physical difficulties and to children with a disability by allowing them to ride a bike for the first time. Learn more about Freedom Wheels Cycles here.


Technology for Ageing and Disability (ACT) Inc, 27 Mulley Street, Holder, ACT 2611


(02) 6287 4290



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