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What We Do

TADACT is a not-for-profit organisation and registered NDIS provider that operates to improve quality of life for people in Canberra and the surrounding NSW region by providing customised assistive equipment, also referred to as assistive technology. TADACT is an organisation with the capabilities to think, design, create and modify outside of the box. With a team of volunteers whose skills range from engineering to sewing and an occupational therapist on staff, TADACT is able to make a big difference in the lives of children and adults with a disability and older people by providing assistive equipment that problem-solves for the individual. Some examples of our recent work include:
  • a canopy designed and manufactured for a motorised scooter, which now enables its user, who has a disability, to travel to and from work independently, irrespective of weather conditions
  • the addition of a metal bar by a qualified engineer to a walking frame for a 2 year old by with cerebral palsy, for whom the walker would have been otherwise unsuitable
  • a modified splint to enable grasp of a kick-board for swimming, a forearm support to enable use of a bicycle handlebar and a one-handed fishing rod all to be used by a 6 year old girl missing most of her right hand below the wrist joint
  • rehabilitation platforms for Calvary Hospital that enable patients to practice on curb-height steps as they regain their mobility following an injury or illness
  • made-to-measure bathroom steps for both Hughes Primary School and the Southern Cross Early Childhood School in Scullin
Whilst TADACT is a registered NDIS provider, we aim to provide solutions for any and all members of the community in need of our equipment. TADACT will soon also be providing services under My Aged Care.

Who We Can Help

We cater for children with developmental delay, children and adults with a disability and for older people in the community. TADACT provides customised assistive equipment for organisations such as hospitals, schools and therapy providers in addition to individual clients.

Assistive Equipment

Assistive equipment, or assistive technology, is a broad term used to describe equipment that assists with the physical aspects of everyday living. It is any device, system or design that allows an individual to perform an activity they may otherwise be unable or find more difficult to do. It can increase the ease and safety of performing a task. Learn more about TADACT assistive equipment for children here. Learn more about TADACT assistive equipment for adults here.

Equipment Catalogue

Our catalogue of product designs can be viewed here, but please keep in mind that TADACT can customise any of our current product designs, create customised solutions from beginning to end and modify existing or commercially bought equipment to solve a problem. So if a product design or idea you’re looking for is not noted in our catalogue, you can simply contact us to discuss your situation and we’ll see if our cohort of skilled volunteers can create or modify a piece of equipment to solve the problem.


TADACT is a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider. Learn more about the NDIS, the NDIA and the processes required to be provided with assistive technology/equipment from TADACT via the scheme here.

My Aged Care

TADACT will soon be providing services and equipment as a My Aged Care provider. More information will be available shortly.

Freedom on Wheels Cycles

TADACT is a provider of Freedom on Wheels cycles and regularly conducts clinics that involve assessment of children and young adults by a qualified therapist to ensure prescription of a cycle that is suitable for the needs of each individual. Read more about TADACT Freedom on Wheels Cycles here.

Refurbished Equipment for Sale

Utilising the expertise of our skilled volunteers, TADACT also refurbishes second-hand equipment, such as motorised scooters and wheelchairs, so they can be sold on to those members of the community who need to or would prefer to buy pre-loved equipment. Link to refurbished equipment on Gumtree here.


Technology for Ageing and Disability (ACT) Inc, 27 Mulley Street, Holder, ACT 2611


(02) 6287 4290



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